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MeetPle with 900,000 users,

Make precious relationships with people all over the world with MeetPle.

  • Simple & Easy !

  • Lightweight and fast based on WebRTC!

  • Private secure network communication is possible!

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Best Features

Here are the many advantages of MeetPle!

Safe & Secure

Safe & Secure

One of MeetPle's features, Private Network Server (PNS), enables highly encrypted network communication!

PNS feature has IKEv2 and Microsoft's SSTP protocol. It's support strong encryption and high speed. Get confidentiality for your network communications!

Early Bonus

Easy to Use

With a very simple method of use, anyone can easily use the service.

It has an easy-to-use UI/UX for anyone. You can use the service easily with a just slide method, so a separate manual is not required.

Simple Install

Based on WebRTC, MeetPle requires no additional software installation. Experience fast and light performance right now!

WebRTC works based on the browser, so no separate program is required. You can use the service conveniently with just one installation.

Our History

MeetPle Team

Our team is creating the best service with the best technicians in each field.

Token Allocation

  • Seed Sale (2%)
  • Private Sale (5%)
  • Pre-Sale (23%)
  • Reward (5%)
  • Marketing (5%)
  • Advisors (5%)
  • Founder & Team (10%)
  • Company Reserve (29%)
  • Development (16%)
2Seed Sale
5Private Sale
10Founder & Team
29Company Reserve

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