MeetPle Wallet

Let's find out about the MeetPle wallet.

The MeetPle wallet has various functions.
It gives blockchain users a useful and safe experience.


It supports all multi-chain and swap functions developed by the Mittle platform, enabling fast remittance processing.

Secure Network Support

It supports strong encrypted communication to protect users' blockchain activities and personal information.

Use it in real life

You can purchase actual products or gift them to others with virtual asset tokens in your wallet.



MeetPle has excellent blockchain development technology. It continues to develop side chains based on various mainnet. Back-End enables blockchain linkage between the mainnet and provides fast remittances and low fees through swaps.

When an overload occurs on one main net, there is a great advantage that processing is possible using such a multi-chain.

Secure Network

MeetPle's Private Network Server (PNS) provides strong cryptographic network communication services.

When the PNS function is activated, encrypted TLS protocol communication is possible using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm.

Users can get a secure network environment anytime, anywhere. Through this, safe blockchain activities and personal information protection are possible.

Mobile Voucher

MeetPle (MPT) strives to link tokens with various activities so that they can be used in real life.

In the MeetPle wallet, gifticons can be purchased and used with the MPT Token you own, and gifts can be given to others.

In the future, MPT Token will expand the range available in our real life.

It provides the functions and convenience that blockchain users really need. Meet a useful wallet.

MeetPle Wallet